On May 20th we celebrated the Official Launch of Royal Magazine at Blurr in Newport News,Va.The affair was sold out even tho we had to change ventue at the last minute.(Party was originally suppose to be held at Moonstar Lounge in Hampton,Va.)We had fun and were accompanied by Virginia Recording Label S.W.A.G.G. Ent. and R & B artist Reese Carter, Royal Magazine Cover Model Queen Niferteria, New Model Royal Flush, Comedian Newt Blakewellington Smith, Stylist/Model Le'louch Vi Giovanni , Photographer Elizabeth Holmes-Christmas, Photographer Aaron Ni'jai,Point Blank Ent. Ckoogi Ske, Delight Studios' Tony Wood and many many more guest,Celebs, Models, Radio Personalitys,etc.Over all,It was a great night.Anybody I forgot to mention,I sincerly apoligize but thank you so much for your support of Royal Magazine.We look foward to a very great year.
Rick Boog
5/26/2011 08:00:03

Love what ya'll are doing for Va.Its about time that sombody did that.We got you Dave.You still the man around here.Diddy status

5/26/2011 10:20:28

VA is where is at right now!!! David keep doing your thing bruh...proud of you and the queen!! We gotta keep rising to the top and show out!!!

5/26/2011 14:17:03

I see you on facebook all the time and as an aspiring model I really feel like your drive is out matching alot of these photographers out here who have been shooting forever and only see their work published on facebook.lolI respect what you and Queen are doing and hope to work with you somday soon.I emailed my submissions to you already.Fingers crossed


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