David Lindsey Jr & Queen Niferteria

CEO of Royal Magazine David Lindsey Jr & Queen Niferteria
Royal Magazine was created by Award Winning Photographer David Lindsey Jr and Top Model Queen Niferteria and can boast the backing, respect and praise of some of the biggest names in the business."Royal describes us and the way we want everybody who is/or becomes associated with Royal Magazine to view themselves." says David Lindsey Jr about the Title.The launch of Royal Magazine has caused alot of commotion in the couples home state of Virginia."Alot of people didn't see this coming.Its been in the works for awhile but we wanted to take time to make sure the timing was right and all of the business was in place."David Lindsey Jr has been a force in the Virginia fashion industry since,well...birth,as his mother is Native American Model Frankie Wilson and his father, Photographer David Lindsey Sr."Hate is so familier to me Im slowly embracing it" David says when asked about his climb to the top."I've heard it all,man.Ppl use to say that my father wasn't my father, that my mother wasn't my mother,that I was lying about everything from my contacts to the models I was blessed to shoot.I've heard it all.But when I sit back now I just look at  my success as a gift from GOD,and what Im gonna do with it,my gift to HIM.If I have any advice for people looking to get into this business its just know yourself and what you want to accomplish as well as what you're willing to put up with to get there.Alot of people in Va claim to be doing this and that but its 99% dreams and 1% accomplishments, deeds and recognition.Its to the point where I just look at dudes like who ARE you???What model have y"DEEP!!... I am standing outside of the Official Launch Party for Royal and although its only 9pm the line (which is filled with a list that can be called "who's who in VA") is wrapped around the building and cars are still pulling into the Blurr Bistro & Ultralounge parking lot in Newport News, Va. Tonights event will feature the one and only Model Bugatti Martin who David Lindsey Jr has been quoted as calling " One hell of a model and One greate friend."With this crowd I get the feeling that I am witnessing the begining of somthing that is about to be huge and as The Queen Niferteria of the Magazine I speak of steps out in Gold to welcome the crowd you get the proof in the faces of the guest as they see her..."Enter... Royal Magazine."